Eskom bursary application 2018: Apply Now


Eskom, Africa’s biggest maker of power, is putting forth unique kinds of bursary plans to South African competitors who expect to advance their aptitudes and instruction at perceived advanced education organizations. With consistently extending modern, business and mining exercises, and an ever-show requirement for capable, talented laborers inside the business, Eskom’s bursary plans help with teaching/preparing confident candidates.

Aside from just developing its own workforce and meeting its business targets’, Eskom will likely instruct the general population of South Africa, bringing about national advantages, for example, strengthening, efficiency, and a general enhanced way of life. The individuals who have the drive to additionally instruct themselves and work toward a superior future however do not have the funds or intends to do as such should seize this kind of chance.

What sets Eskom’s bursary conspire separated from others is the way that bursaries are pertinent to colleges as well as technikons and FETs (Further Education and Training). The following is a far reaching rundown of which fields of study hopefuls can go into.

Colleges (effective finish of studies result in a degree):

  • Structural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • PC Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering
  • Substance Engineering
  • Atomic Engineering
  • Natural Studies
  • Bookkeeping
  • Inventory network
  • IT

Technikons/Universities of Technology (fruitful finishing of studies result in P1 and P2 National Diplomas):

  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Natural Science
  • Wellbeing and Risk

FETs (fruitful consummation of studies result in capability as a craftsman):

  • Heater Makers
  • Circuit testers
  • Fitters and Turners
  • Millwrights
  • Welders
  • Handymen
  • Bricklayers
  • Craftsmen
  • Power Plant Operators
  • Mechanics
  • Control and Instrumentation

Bursaries are conceded for undergrad examines, not postgraduate examinations.


People who wish to apply should meet a specific arrangement of necessities keeping in mind the end goal to be considered for the any of the three Eskom bursaries accessible:

  • Must be a South African subject with a legitimate ID number
  • Must hold a National Senior Certificate or its comparable
  • More likely than not composed confirmation of acknowledgment for affirmation by a licensed South African advanced education foundation (for full-time considers)
  • With a specific end goal to learn at a college, candidates more likely than not taken English, Physical Science, and Mathematics at school; the base evaluations got for each of the three subjects must be either C (HG) in the old image framework or a 5 in the new image framework.
  • To learn at a technikon, candidates probably acquired a base review of D (HG)/C (SG) in the old image framework or a 4 in the new image framework for a similar three subjects.
  • To learn at a FET, candidates probably acquired a base review of>E (HG)/D (SG) in the old image framework or a 4 in the new image framework for a similar three subjects.
  • The individuals who are as of now enlisted at a higher organization more likely than not passed every single enrolled subject in the present year of study.


This bursary is for the most part outfitted towards the requirements of Eskom as a business; it is granted to meriting scholarly understudies. In the wake of finishing their examinations, the fruitful applicants will go into a work-back commitment, which implies that they will work at Eskom for an indistinguishable span of time from what they have profited from the bursary.

The full bundle covers the accompanying:

  • Educational cost expenses
  • Living arrangement or other convenience charges
  • Suppers
  • Book recompense
  • PC recompense
  • Get-away remittance and settlement


Of the three Eskom bursaries accessible, this is the one that applies to those scholarly meriting understudies who are distraught, either monetarily or in light of an inability, or the individuals who are a piece of other Eskom activities. There is no work back commitment subsequent to finishing examines with this bursary.

This bursary bundle covers the accompanying:

  • Enlistment fees>
  • Educational cost charges
  • Home or other convenience charges
  • Dinners
  • Book stipend


The grant is entirely offered for the kids/wards of current Eskom representatives. In the event that the candidate is a meriting understudy and his/her parent or watchman has been working for Eskom for at least five years, at that point he/she could be qualified.

The grant covers the accompanying:

  • Educational cost charges
  • Habitation or other settlement expenses
  • Dinners
  • Book stipend


Applications that are short-recorded will be informed both through phone and composed correspondence by mid-August. They will then be welcome to go to a meeting which will be directed amid August to October; a restorative revelation or examination may likewise occur. Of those applicants, the last determination will be granted in light of a fruitful meeting and tasteful scholarly and medicinal wellness comes about.

Fruitful candidates will be told from October to December and will get extensive documentation and a composed contract which is to be finished and come back to Eskom.


Candidates may not get some other allow for a similar capability without accepting earlier composed endorsement from Eskom.

Bursary Length

A bursary for a college or FET is legitimate for a most extreme of five years where spanning is relevant. Bursaries for technikons are conceded for a greatest of three years.

In Cases of Failure

In the event that an understudy is to flop in the primary scholastic year/connecting, the bursary will be drop with no commitment to the person. On the off chance that they pass the primary year however come up short from the second scholastic year onwards, the bursary will be suspended; the suspension will keep going for one year (college) or one trimester (technikon) and there might be one possibility for it to be restored.

In the event that they flop again after a suspension, the bursary will be wiped out. On account of cancelation, the bursary should be paid back: full an incentive in addition to self multiplying dividends at prime rate.

Instructions to APPLY

All Eskom bursaries’ application shapes must be submitted to Eskom by 31 July 2018 for the accompanying scholarly year. The favored accommodation strategy is by means of the Eskom bursaries’ online application frame which can be found Directly to eskom web.

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