Netcare offers an assortment of medicinal administrations, from general specialists to drug store, crisis, and netcare bursaries for attendants. They trust that pioneers in the present mechanically propelled organizations must have the capabilities, aptitudes and information to be capable in everything they do and offer. In this manner, they look for versatility, adaptability, aptitudes and people who can think ahead, giving an adjust to the sensitive scale inside the therapeutic field.

Netcare offers an assortment of study fields to candidates. They center around helping those with incredible guarantee yet no way to create it. They look for spurred applicants who needs not exclusively to have any kind of effect inside their groups yet who needs to be the distinction!

With the bursary program, Netcare offers people the opportunity to practice inside a field they adore. They encourage scholarly and passionate development with certainty and see the potential that exists in every candidate. There is an awesome requirement for gifted therapeutic experts and with this program, Netcare can help with giving specialists inside these fields.

The emphasis on measure up to open doors for all. Conveying feasible improvement and balancing out the economy of South Africa by outfitting the adolescent with learning. In the event that you might want to think about inside this industry, Netcare may have a bursary for you.


Applicants hoping to apply for a bursary gave by Netcare may do as such in two or three fields. These fields, be that as it may, are just inside trade and drug store. With these competitors can work in a scope of vocations and at an assortment of organizations or organizations.

Fields to consider, incorporate the accompanying and some more:

  • General Nursing
  • General Health
  • Administration
  • Crisis Care
  • Promoting
  • Nursing Care
  • Overseen Health Care
  • Essential Health Care
  • Drug store
  • Healing center Pharmacy
  • Group Pharmacy
  • Research
  • Medication Control
  • Medication Abuse Counseling


Applicants needing to ponder into one of the fields gave by Netcare must hold fast to all stipulation of the organization.

Criteria for contender to meet are:

  • Candidates must be South African subjects
  • Candidates must have a legitimate ID archive
  • Candidates must hold a legitimate Matric authentication
  • Candidates must have excellent scholarly records
  • Candidates must have the capacity to give verification of their need to monetary guide
  • Candidates must have an endorsement letter from a University or Institute of Higher Learning

Inclination will be given to candidates from a formerly distraught foundation.


Netcare bursaries application online isn’t available, yet, intrigued hopefuls may send an enquiring email to

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