SASSA Positions available | Application now open

Do you appreciate working with individuals and numbers? Do you appreciate being social and dealing with organization? In the event that you are great in these fields and meet every one of the necessities as set out by the office then SASSA Learnerships may be suited for you.

SASSA is the South African Social Security Agency. This organization of Government opened their entryways in 2005 to direct and control the dispersion of social gifts. Their primary capacities are to guarantee the correct individuals get social gifts of adequate sums at a predetermined time and in a region or strategy that is effectively open by every individual.

There are in excess of 16 Million individuals all through South Africa who got social gives month to month. These awards are issued to individuals who need monetary guide, it incorporates the elderly, handicap and kid bolster. SASSA handles the whole procedure from application to installment. This incorporates confirming data, endorsement, and identification alongside avoidance of extortion.

SASSA Learnerships Available

SASSA has a restricted measure of learnership fields for you to consider. Here is a rundown of their learnership profession fields underneath, be that as it may, there might be different fields not said and once applications open these will be publicized on the SASSA Website.

Learnership vocation fields:

Production network Management

Incapacity Management


Open Administration

Learnerships influenced accessible by SASSA to will be for a year span except if generally stipulated. Each learnership gives a month to month recompense, yet, you will be in charge of your own vehicle, dinners, and settlement. Learnerships given by SASSA does not ensure a stable situation but rather if there is an opening in this Government Department they may offer it to meriting endless supply of their learnership.

SASSA Learnerships Requirements

To apply for learnerships conveyed by SASSA, you should meet every one of their prerequisites. Here is a rundown of the fundamental stipulations you should meet to be qualified.

Essential SASSA prerequisites:

You should be a native of South Africa

Candidates must be no more youthful than 18 and no more established than 35

You should be in control of a legitimate Matric declaration

Candidates must have a lawful ID record

You should have a recognition or degree in your field of utilization where pertinent

ITC checks will be performed on all qualifying candidates, and in addition criminal checks. There will be a pre-screening process done on every single chosen competitor. This incorporates checking of every single scholarly outcome, referral letters, suggestion and then some. If necessary a competency evaluation might be required and this is obligatory. Candidates with an inability are welcome to apply in their field if a learnership winds up accessible. These candidates must supply a medicinal declaration expressing the inability.

SASSA Learnerships Application

SASSA learnerships applications online are not accessible. You can download the Z83 Government frame for applications and utilize the learnership reference number to apply. When learnerships open you can finish the shape and alongside all required documentation. For accessible learnership openings, you can take a gander at the ads on the SASSA Careers Page.

Every required archive must be ensured duplicates, kindly don’t present the firsts as they won’t be returned. You should likewise append an educational modules vitae, motivational letters, and every single scholarly capability, in addition to a duplicate of your ID record. Messaged or faxed applications won’t be considered. Applications without documentation or that arrive late, or is deficient will likewise not be taken a gander at.

SASSA Learnerships Closing Date

SASSA learnerships typically close amid the long stretch of September, this date may change. Consequently, it is best to first affirm on their site or learnership advert for shutting dates. For more data about this Government Department visit the SASSA Website.

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