Shutting Date: 08 April 2018

Area: Johannesburg

This preparation is gone for tending to aptitudes prerequisites and guaranteeing arrangement to the Market Demand Strategy. The YPT is directed more than two year time span amid which the Young expert will be surveyed on a six month to month premise. This program will give you applicable work environment encounter through an organized learning program and authoritative help to develop you into a position/part inside Transnet Group administrations, if accessible. Presentation will be in the accompanying zones:

Research subjects and suggest as asked for by the procedure proprietor;

Ability Acquisition and on-boarding

Help with the coordination of Talent obtaining and on-boarding Forums

Guarantee compelling recording of documentation and look after secrecy

Aid investigation information and in addition exercises on eRecruitment and give suggestions

Help with drafting and keeping up Standard Operating methodology and toolboxs

Help with the execute of strategies, procedures and systems

Quality check and examine Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for specialist co-ops and so forth.

Break down abdications Transnet wide with significant partners and propose proposals

Encourage leave administration process

Help inside the Transnet Assessment Center

Aid the execution of the Transnet on-boarding process

Ability and Leadership Development

Ability Development

Help with the coordination of Talent Forums

Help with Talent Conference (s) arrangements

Guarantee successful recording of documentation and look after classification

Offer help in ability surveys, progression arranging and vocation improvement

Help with the execution of arrangements, procedures and strategies

Help with Functional Succession arranging

Catch up with consummation of exercises i.e. blue prints, encounter maps and so on.


Facilitate conveyance of Leadership programs

Guarantee powerful recording of documentation and look after secrecy

Help with drafting and keeping up Standard Operating methodology

Help with the actualize of strategies, procedures and methods

Orchestrate coordinations i.e. settings, gear and so on.

Learning and Development

Examine data from OD’s for detailing purposes

Get ready reports for different administration structures (inner and outer)

Lead information examination to guarantee important data helpful for business choices

Administrator bolster

Culture and Change Management

Reward and acknowledgment program:

Gather entries from OD’s and do subsequent meet-ups

Organize coordinations for the check procedure

Booking meetings with OD for photoshoots

If you don’t mind NOTE: Transnet, its workers or agents never request an expense from work searchers. Any such demands are deceitful. If you don’t mind report any suspicious exercises in such manner to the Transnet against misrepresentation line on 0800 003 056.

Representative Engagement:

Help with following and checking of criticism in OD

Setting up of meeting with OD

Change Management:

Examine reports from various ODs on different ventures oFollow up on activity things from gatherings

Mastermind settings and different coordinations for gatherings and occasions e.g. venture dispatch

Wellbeing, Risk Pool and Employment Equity To successfully arrange continuum of administration running from non-attendance administration, inadequacy and sick wellbeing Transnet Group

Venture administration of key activities inside Group Talent and Transformation inside office of the General Manager: Group Talent and Transformation

Help with venture organization and following of exercises

Occasions coordination

Perform general organization bolster works as required by the part or in view of work convergence.

Keep up and refresh the Group Talent and Recruitment group shared organizer and archive (s) control

Conceptualize and help the group in powerful planning and cost-cutting activities

Perform specially appointed obligations as required by the Department

Capabilities and Experience:

Unhitched males’ Degree in Human Resources/Social Sciences/Psychology with Research as one of the subjects

PC proficiency (Excel, Ms Word, PowerPoint)

Endorsement in Project Management will be an additional favorable position

Have dependable/access to transportation keeping in mind the end goal to viably travel when vital


Capacity to successfully impart verbally and in composing, both inside and remotely i>Administrative, hierarchical aptitudes and capacity to deal with various errands and meet due dates

Capacity to investigate

Ready to perform inside a coordinated group condition

Learning of Microsoft Office items, including Word, Excel, Internet Explorer, PowerPoint and other realistic as well as introduction programming.

Great relational aptitudes



Tender loving care

Proficient state of mind and energy to learn

Time administration

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