Shutting Date: 09 March 2018

Area: Pretoria and Johannesburg

Stipend: N6 – R2500, Diploma – R3000, National Diploma and Degree – R4000, Honors and Masters – R5000 pm

NOTE: Please twofold check the QUALIFICATION prerequisites of each position…

Money related Management Grad/Intern

Ref: FMD 01/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Financial Management, Accounting

Area: Please apply to a particular region: Pretoria, Bloemfontein, Limpopo, Durban and Cape Town.

Enquiries: Ms M. Wehl, Tel: (012) 674 4740/Ms G.V.T. Maditla, Tel: (012) 674 4745

Barrier Material Grad/Intern

Ref: DMD 02/201

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Supply Chain Management, Logistic Management, Business Administration.

Enquiries: Mr M.G. Masala, Tel: (012) 355 5481/Mr N. Nkoko, Tel: (012) 355 6299

Universal Affairs Grad/Intern

Ref: DIAD 03/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in International Relations, Political Science, Office Management, Management Assistant

Enquiries: Mr K. Davhana., Tel: (012) 355 5859.

Review Grad/Intern

Ref: IAD 04/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Internal Auditing, Financial Accounting, Financial Management.

Enquiries: Ms S. Nkosi, Tel: (012) 649 1051/Ms N. Bhese., Tel: (012) 649 1031.

Tasks Grad/Intern

Ref: J OPS 05/2018

Recognition/National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Financial Management, Facility Management, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Sports Management, Sports Administration, Sports Science, Bio energy, Dietician, Physiotherapy, Pharmacy, Nursing.

Enquiries: Lieutenant Colonel A.T. Innes, Tel: (012) 674 5644.

SA Army Grad/Intern

Ref: SAA 06/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Human Resource Management, Communication Studies, Financial Management, Logistics Management.

Enquiries: Major N.I. Cain, Tel: (012) 355 1693

Aviation based armed forces Grad/Intern

Ref: SAAF 07/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Communication Studies, Media Studies, Journalism, Public Relations Management, Marketing Management, Financial Management, Cost and Management Accounting.

Enquiries: Mr E.M. Rabapane, Tel: (012) 312 1038

Naval force Grad/Intern

Naval force Grad/Intern

Ref: SAN 08/2018Location: Simon’s Town

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Logistic Management, Supply Chain Management, Human Resource Management, Hospitality, Management of Training

Enquiries: M s A.M. Kau – Tsoanyane, Tel: (021) 787 5214

Legitimate Services Grad/Intern

Ref: DLSD 10/2018

N6/Diploma/National Diploma/B Degree in LLB, Paralegal, Legal Assistant, Office Administration, Human Resource Management.

Enquiries: Li eutenant Colonel E.M. Segoatle, Tel: (012) 355 5334

Correspondences Grad/Intern

Ref: DCC 11/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Communication Studies, Public Relations, Marketing Management, Cameraman, Photography, Photo Jo urnalist, Graphic Design, Layout Artist, Theater Technology and Entertainment, Sound Engineering, Fine Art, Media.

Enquiries: FSgt S.L.L. Mafanya, Tel: (012) 355 6322

DOD Grad/Intern

Ref: DHQU 12/2018

National Diploma/B Tec h/B Degree in Human Resource Management, Logistic Management, Supply Chain Management, Transport Management.

Enquiries: Major L.A. Mosingathi, Tel: (012) 355 5526

Military Police Grad/Intern

Ref: MPD 13/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Criminology, Policing, Human Resource Management, Logistic Management, Public Management.

Enquiries: Lieutenant Colonel M.V. Mokhachele, Tel: (012) 686 4072/4085.

IT Grad/Intern

Ref: CMIS 14/2 018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Information Technology, Computer Science, Human Resource Management, Project Management.

Enquiries: Major S.M.P Maloka, Tel: (012) 355 5116

Coordinations Grad/Intern

Ref: LD 15/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Agricultural Engineering, Financial Management, Accounting, Logistic Management, Hospitality, Public Administration, Business Management.

Enquiries: Ms G. Williams, Tel: (012) 402 2619/LCpl M.J. Mogotlane, Tel: (012) 402 262

HR Grad/Intern

Ref: HRM 16/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Human Resource Management.

Enquiries: Major S.I. Mocimi, Tel: (012) 339 5372

HR Grad/Intern

RE F: HRD 17/2018National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Human Resource Development.

Enquiries: Ms A.S. Swamp, Tel: (012) 355 .6081

Phonetics Grad/Intern

Ref: LANG 18/2018

B Degree/National Diploma with specialization in English.

Enquiries: Ms N. Ndwandwe, Tel: (012) 654 4050 ext 126

Accommodation/HR Grad/Intern

Ref: TC 20/2018

N6, Diploma, National Diploma, B Tech, B Degree in Human Resource Development, Chef, Hospitality.

Enquiries: Ms E. du Preez, Tel: (012) 355 6567

Social Studies Grad/Intern

Ref: CDTM 21/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Youth Development, Disability Management, Social Worker, Office Management, Gender Studies, Development.

Enquiries: Mr T.E. Mudavheni, Tel: (012) 355 5395

Work Relations Grad/Intern

Ref: LR 22/2018

National Diploma/B Tech/B Degree in Labor Relations.

Enquiries: Ms D. Monaga, Tel: (012) 355 5868

Step by step instructions to Apply

Applications must be submitted on a Z83 shape. Applications must be joined by a thorough CV, affirmed duplicates of ID, Grade 12 and capabilities and in addition the current Academic Transcripts/Records. Candidates must be moves on from certify Institutions of Higher Learning who are une mployed. Outside capability must be joined by an assessment declaration from South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). Non – RSA natives/Permanent inhabitant allow holders must join a duplicate of their perpetual living arrangement allow. Candidates who dad rticipated in some other Government Internship Programs before won’t be considered. Understudies requiring experiential preparing as a component of their capability must join a formal letter from their Tertiary Institution. Inability to present all the asked for records will bring about the application not being considered. The fruitful competitors will be subjected to Personnel Suitability Checks (criminal record and Security Clearance). Faxed or e – sent applications won’t be acknowledged. Should you not hear fro m us inside 2 months of the end date, please acknowledge that your application is unsuccessful. Applications got after the end date and those that don’t conform to the prerequisites won’t be considered. Graduates with Disabilities and TVET Coll ege graduates are urged to apply.

Bureau of Defense, Human Resources Division, Private Bag X159, Pretoria, 0001, Private Bag X159, Pretoria, 0001 or

hand conveyance Corner Van Riebeeck and Paul Kruger Street, ThabaTshwane City Hall, ThabaTshwane (Voortrekker).

Enquiries: Ms A.S. Bog Tel: (012) 355 6081.

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