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Qualified artisan from within building industry
3-5 years working experience
Duties & Responsibilities
Ability to Effectively communicate.
Track record in leading / managing people in a participative, team-based environment. Effective interpretation of plans and drawings, surveying of site and setting out of building. Effective management and optimisation of on-site resources. Effective monitoring of compliance with quality control procedures.
Effective monitoring of safety procedures on site. Effective monitoring and optimisation of profitability in line with targets. Effective team management. Effective self-management. Ensure ongoing performance management programmes are in place and applied. Plan all materials needed and their usage. Plan all sub-contractor work as appropriate. Oversee the care of all
Skills and Knowledge
Sound knowledge of construction processes specifically with respect to the interpretation of plans and setting out. Strong practical management skills. Sound business and financial acumen. Knowledge of budgeting processes. Basic HR and Employee Relations skills. Sound knowledge of project management procedures within the building industry. Effective communication skills. Knowledge of sub-contractor relationships. Sound technical knowledge. Basic computer knowledge & skills. OSHACT
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