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Well ordered guidelines to APPLY:

Just FACEBOOK MESSENGER OR SMS APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED. Apply by sending the word EIT by methods for Facebook Messenger on our Facebook page at or SMS the word EIT to 33162. It will take a most outrageous of 12 SMSs at R1,50 each. You may simply apply once.


This part is for a circumstance in the graduate change program. The graduate headway program (GDP) relies upon a multi year getting ready period in Operations and Technology.

Inside this planning period you will be overviewed predictably to show capacities made and highlight areas which require focus. In the wake of being declared prepared toward the complete of the multi year time traverse, you will end up met all requirements to apply for void Engineer positions. (Subject to the openness of opening).

Down to earth OUTPUTS

Learn and appreciate the Sasol regard chain (tallying Operations, Technology (Engineering and Project Management), its things and applications, test systems and equipment in setting of prepare learning.

Grasp the Sasol Operations Standards Framework and how to function inside it.

Make sense of how to make a translation of speculative learning into helpful application that will incorporate business regard.

Appreciate the hugeness of organizing and compromise.

Make sense of how to utilize building structures, gadgets and measures (have, neighborhood and around the world) in guarantee work and exercises.

Perceive how your claim to fame unit fits inside your Operating Hub and the Sasol regard chain.

Fathom the impact of upstream-and downstream units on the action of your allotted plant and the a different way.

Develop a sound cognizance of [discipline] planning generalist data and sound perception concerning process outfit (e.g. plan and safe action thereof).

Make picked point by point learning in described fields of [discipline] outlining.

Have the ability to portray a business openings, by using the correct markers.

Have the ability to describe business perils, applying the business chance assessment gadgets, for instance, the probability chance situating matrix, specific occupation danger evaluation, et cetera.

Support the execution (take after specific rule to enable) of a planning degree of work for little multidisciplinary wanders (i.e. Level)

Support and take after headings to execute the movement, design, building, change and also adjustment of systems/adapt according to sound developed planning norms and rules to satisfy business necessities.

Adequately preform Technical and Economic evaluations of little endeavors, considerations and alterations.

Abilities and experience required:

The position requires no less than a B.Eng/BSc. Degree in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/Electronic/Industrial Engineering or a BSc. Degree in Geology with compelled or no conventional experience or,

Will have a B.Eng/BSc. Degree in Mechanical/Chemical/Electrical/Electronic/Industrial Engineering before the complete of 2018.





• Language capacities – English proficient

• Excellent social capacities

• Analytical thinking

• Problem settling aptitudes

• Computer capable (MS Office)


Self Mastery

Assumes liability for driving own advancement through making care, reflecting, searching for feedback and self-amending.

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