Hospital is looking for Cleaners


• A Grade 8 capability with important experience • A Grade 12 Certificate will be an additional preferred standpoint • Extensive involvement in a cleaning domain • Basic learning of general cleanliness rehearses • Knowledge of office design • Knowledge of cleaning items and applications • Ability to utilize an assortment of cleaning hardware and items • Basic education and relational abilities • Understanding of departmental strategies and techniques • Willingness to broadened hoursincluding extra time, ends of the week and open holidays• Preference will be given to hopefuls from the neighborhood the workplace as well as position will be based.

DUTIES:The effective applicant will be in charge of, among others, the accompanying particular assignments:

• Proper cleaning of toilets, gear, workplaces, state property and resources •Ensure viable utilization of cleaning materials and hardware • Clean the Reception zone and workplaces once a day • Empty office dustbins every day and discard all reject suitably in the deny canisters for accumulation • Collect paper squander in the uncommonly stamped receptacles for gathering by the Recycling Company • Check washrooms two times per day and clean as needs be • Dust office furniture timeously • Vacuum all rugs no less than two times every week • Clean windows within in any event quarterly on a rotational premise • Store all cleaning gear and items perfectly in the assigned pantries on each floor • Provide help with the arrangement of gatherings in the meeting room.


Gauteng: Ms M Kau/T Monyeki, Tel No; 011 242 9000

KwaZulu-Natal: Mr Q Luthuli, Tel: 033 845 500

Mpumalanga, Mr GC Nthathe, Tel No: (013) 753 9500

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